Pictured here are two family photos of Cornelis Bos (1865-1919) and Dirkje Lagerweij (1867-1950) and their children and grandchildren.
Dirkje's husband is not depicted here, as Cornelis had already died in 1919, these photos were taken summer 1947, probably in honor of the 80th birthday of Dirkje Bos-Lagerweij.
Many members of this family will no longer be with us in 2020, I have tried to provide both photos with color, you can see both the black and white image and the colored version below, if anyone has more information about this I would like to hear about this Bos family via the contact form .
The photo above shows two twins in the middle, both Twins are female (girls), one twin standing and the other sitting.
We now know who the twins are on either side of the young man, sitting in the middle and in front of Dirkje Bos-Lagerweij, that are Cornelia and Teunisje Bos born on 2 november 1940.
The answer "Who is Who" is a big question mark, this photo was taken on the occasion of the 80th birthday of Dirkje Bos-Lagerweij in 1947, thanks to Jan Bos.
Above and below the colored version made by the webmaster.
Both photos were taken at one and the same location, at Hopseweg 22 in Renswoude, the above photo was taken on the occasion of the 80th birthday of Dirkje Bos-Lagerweij in 1947, here with all her children, thanks to Jan Bos.
The two ladies in the photo are Willemina (1896) and Roelofje (1897) Bos, but who is who now remains a question, who can provide clarity in this, please respond via contact form .
The location can be found HERE via Google maps.
Both photos show people who belong to the descendants of Evert Jansz. Bos born around 1585.
Jan Bos who has given me further information about these photos does not know exactly who all these persons are, but below a list with the names of the persons shown in the photo, question is only? which name belongs to which person?
Comments are of course very welcome. You can give your reaction and / or question via the contact page , Many thanks in advance.
Jan Bos, geboren op zondag 2 juli 1893 in Renswoude (Ut).
Willemina Bos, geboren op donderdag 30 januari 1896 in Renswoude (Ut).
Roelofje Bos, geboren op zaterdag 26 juni 1897 in Renswoude (Ut).
Gerrit Bos, geboren op zaterdag 3 maart 1900 in Renswoude (Ut).
Pieter Bos, geboren op zondag 1 juni 1902 in Renswoude (Ut).
Lambertus Bos, geboren op donderdag 17 maart 1904 in Renswoude (Ut).
Evert Bos, geboren op vrijdag 4 augustus 1905 in Renswoude (Ut).
Dirk Bos, geboren op maandag 28 januari 1907 in Renswoude (Ut).
Cornelis Bos, geboren op zaterdag 15 augustus 1908 in Renswoude (Ut).
Aart Bos, geboren op woensdag 1 december 1909 in Renswoude (Ut).
Marinus Bos, geboren op dinsdag 23 mei 1911 in Renswoude (Ut).
Arie Bos, geboren op zaterdag 3 januari 1914 in Renswoude (Ut).
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