Story about and from Evert Jansz. Bos- Rural Constable.

Criminal roles Utrecht: no. 1473 of the role, no. 1242 of the judgment, bl. 202.   
The judgment was set aside and referred to the Provincial Court in The Hague.
Subject Reinier Cornelis de Groot, 34, worker, born and residing in Ingen, Gelderland, in custody, accused of brutality committed against one clerical officer under the observation of his service, which within forty days death was followed.
Whereas the declaration on June 15, 1870 in the morning at noon by the since-now ranger Evert Bos took the oath on acceptance of his ministry for the mayor of that municipality, it turned out that in the preceding night he was around half past two with the Field Guard officers Reinier van der Burg and Teunis van Lunteren, close to floodplains in Remmerden near Rhenen, to guard against wild poachers there.
That if then two persons each had been provided with a shotgun over reported floodplains, that when they had approached them about 10 meters away, they went to them to recalculate them (accuse them), on which they both fled and have been chased by the officials.
That one of the persons wanted to jump over a dry ditch, which, however, did not succeed, so that he ended up in that ditch; that he, Evert Bos the Veldwachter, also jumped in and chased the fleeing in the ditch;
That when he had approached him about two meters, that person turned over and pulled 1st release from his double-barreled rifle, aimed the rifle at him and shot him in the right side while shouting "back", that the shooter was subsequently arrested by Van der Burg and Van Lunteren and stated to be named Cornelis de Groot, a worker living in Ingen, After that injury, Evert Bos walked or stumbled a few hundred meters in the direction of Hofstede in Remmerden, but was unable to walk any further than when he was brought home by Hendrik Vink on a cart.
Next comes the testimony of Evert Bos, then the 2 government officers who still complete that at half past three at night (the weather was clear, almost daylight) the two poachers saw them coming and bent down on the corner behind a bush and when they got closer the 2 poachers suddenly turned and walked away to the side of the river.


Then the chase started, Evert Bos went after Cornelis de Groot and the two field guards went after Van Wamel, he was the other poacher.
The ditch was almost two meters deep and fairly wide, Evert Bos pursued the accused on the left of the ditch and the others Van Wamel on the other side.
That the accused then jumped into the ditch and carried his rifle in the right hand with the trumpet forward, Evert Bos approached him two steps away when the accused suddenly turned around, called the word "back", raised his rifle, with that, although not entirely to the cheek, laid on Evert Bos and shot it at the same time on this, who was in transit had no time to turn back on the exclamation or even stand still and not even two steps was removed from the hull of the gun, which immediately after the shot, Evert Bos grabbed the accused under the exclamation "murderer, you kill me" and pressed against the side of the ditch, but immediately let go again, that at the same time the witness jumped from the top of the ditch to the accused, fell on him and grabbed the barrel of the gun, that the accused, however, how much recoiled, that weapon still managed to raise it and bring it towards him (Field Guard Van de Burg), so that he was obliged to strike him violently on both arms, and finally succeeded in getting the gun out of his hands and then arresting him.


Evert Bos is then supported by van Lunteren taken to Remmertsenweg (no longer exists) where he was transferred to his home on a cart.
The witnesses Vink and Van Oordt (owner of the cart) heard the shot, then moaned and then saw Evert Bos approaching "very groaned, said to be murdered and exclaimed" my poor wife and children "van Oord could not understand that someone would commit such a crime just to stay out of jail, the accused then claimed that it was an accident.
This is followed by an autopsy report showing that Evert Bos died of gangrene (tissue death) caused by the inflicted wound in the abdomen.
From the testimony of the accused it emerges that he was hiding with van Wamel behind a bush on the road, he saw three people approaching and he recognized Field Guard Evert Bos from the past and immediately took off.
He stated that he was trying to get out of the ditch, slipped and fell on the release of his rifle, causing him to go off (the other witnesses deny this) and that it was an accident.
Reinier Cornelis de Groot wordt veroordeeld tot "de straffe des doods" Uitgesproken door het hof op 27 september 1870 Utrecht.
Reinier Cornelis de Groot was sentenced to death but that was not executed because the death penalty was abolished in the same year 1870.
Reinier Cornelis de Groot was probably imprisoned for 10 years, he died on Tuesday March 9, 1897 in Ingen, Gelderland.

Personal data concerning Reinier Cornelis de Groot.

Reinier Cornelis de Groot, born on Wednesday March 4, 1835 in Ingen, Gelderland, son of Huibert de Groot and Beatrix van Verseveld, married to Pietronella van Guilik, on Thursday October 20, 1885 in Lienden, Gelderland.
Pietronella was born on Friday November 25, 1830 Ingen, Gelderland, daughter of Cornelia van Guilik, Cornelia was unmarried and barely 18 years old when Pietronella was born.
Reinier Cornelis died on Tuesday March 09, 1897 at Lienden, Gelderland, Pietronella died on Tuesday March 12, 1912 at Ingen, Gelderland.
Reinier and Pietronella had a total of five children, three of whom died in childhood, only one son and one daughter, both of whom were married, have reached adulthood.
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