Photo page of the Foks and Peterse family in Ouderkerk aan den IJssel and surroundings

(may not be complete, but additions are and remain welcome)

Adriaan Foks ±1947

Adriaan Foks ±jaren '80

Gerrigje Ariaantje van Krimpen

Anneke en Diana Foks

Anna Cornelia Foks

Anneke with mother Gerrige Foks van Krimpen

Diana Foks

Patty van Zwienen

Gradus Foks April 13, 1873 - September 25, 1943

Hermina Duinkerken (1877-1951)

the three sisters, Gree-Hermina and Dina Duinkerken

Jan Foks (1902-1950) and Adriana (Jaantje) Oosterom (1905-1995)
Jan Foks (1902-1950) and Adriana (Jaantje) Oosterom (1905-1995)

Gerrit Foks and Adriana Peterse (marriage June 13, 1924)

Grietje Foks (1909-1998)

The two sisters Ariaantje and Johanna Peterse

The Foks & Peterse family along the IJsseldijk Ouderkerk aan den IJssel ± 1965

Peter Foks + Mother Foks and Neighbor Mrs.Heuvelman

Peter Foks and Dirkje Heuvelman (Marriage 17 August 1961)

Dirkje Heuvelman, born on Wednesday March the 1935

Peter Foks + Mother Adriana Foks-Peterse

Peter Foks as a witness at a marriage, whose marriage is unknown
Adriana and Aartje were born on Saturday December the 1868 in Buren, Gelderland

Brothers and Sisters Foks

Gradus Foks and Adriana Jacoba Hemmes (Marriage May 20, 1965)

Martina Peterse (Mien) with their children

Martine Peterse born April 17, 1895 in Buren (Gld)

Adriana Peterse April 26, 1903 - July 31, 1990

Peter Peterse (1912-1982)

Anita, Henk, Reina Foks

Anja en Gert Foks

Gerrit Foks 1970

Anja Foks 22-12-1966

Gijsbertus (Gijs) van Krimpen & Geertje de Mik

Gijsbertus (Gijs) van Krimpen (±1917 - January 31, 2011 in Lekkerkerk, South-Holland

Anna Cornelia Both, died on Thursday March the 1945, 1st wife of Gijs van Krimpen and the mother of Gerrigje Foks van Krimpen

Pieter Jilles Peters en Celia van Krimpen (Marriage December 24, 1970) divorced ± 1983)

Celia van Krimpen

Pieter Willem Bronsema en Dirkje van Krimpen
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