The Molenbosch country estate in Zeist

This page was created because of a family member by marriage Mr. Aart Jansen , he was a gardener at the estate "Molenbosch" in Zeist and later "free farmer / colony father" at the Maatschappij van Weldadigheid at Frederiksoord.
There is an anecdote about this Garden boss Jansen that on a Sunday the owner of Molenbosch asked about Garden boss Jansen, Jansen came to report and the owner said "I asked for Garden boss Jansen and not Mr. Jansen" but what was the case, Jansen had his Sunday suit still on and Mrs. expected Jansen to come in his Garden boss uniform, Jansen hurried to the house that is located on the Molenbosch site and quickly changed and hurried again to the Estate, that is how the relationships were at that time.
Aart was married to Teuntje Bos (1856-1895) from this marriage 7 children were born, Aart married after Teuntje's death to Christina Johanna van Kasteel (1855-1941) on April 29, 1896 in Utrecht, Aart was born on Friday May 2, 1851 in Wassenaar and died on Saturday November 1, 1930 in De Bilt.
Molenbosch is an estate at Driebergseweg 7 in Zeist.
The country estate is named after a former tower mill along the Driebergseweg.
In 1849, the first stone was laid for the country house of the owner, the Amsterdam banker Johannes Bernardus Stoop.
It will be a neoclassical style house designed by architect J.D. Zocher jr. Who also laid out the landscaped garden.
The hill on which the house stands was raised with earth that was released during the digging of the winding pond.
The basement is visible at the rear of the building because the site is lower at the rear than at the front.

After the Stoop family, the national monument was inhabited by the de Beaufort family.
A rectangular building with a saddle roof was built around 1915 on the site of a former ice cellar.
In the Second World War this was hit by a bomb.
In 1989 Joachim Ferdinand de Beaufort built a wooden chapel next to the house.
There is also a coach house and a gardener's house on the estate.

The large block-shaped mansion has a recessed entrance with three double garden doors, in front of which are two grooved Doric columns.
Stone pilasters surround the entire building, the house is covered with a flattened hipped roof, and in the middle part is an extended dome room.
The chimneys are crowned by weather vanes and behind the indoor portico is the vestibule, which gives access to the central hall with staircase.
In the hall there are marble door frames, plasterwork in the ceiling with rosette motifs, volute consoles and pilasters in neoclassical style.
Former residents were:
1835 - Dowager Henriëtte van Oosthuyse
1835/1849 - Johannes Bernardus Stoop
Anna Aleida de Beaufort-Stoop
± 1935 - Anna Wilhelmina Margaretha de Beaufort
Family Van Wageningen-de Beaufort
More information about this property can be found HERE :
The "country house" Molenbosch with landscape garden and "winding pond" designed by Jan David Zocher Jr. architect, urban planner and landscape architect.
Country house "Het Molenbosch", partly digitally colored
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The Coach House annex garage, colored by the Webmaster
Chapel, built by the resident / owner
The "Chicken Palace" colored by the Webmaster
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