Jewish family Albersheim Billerbeck

Children of Josef and Selma Albersheim

residing at Lange Straße 13, Billerbeck, Coesfeld, Germany

Herbert Albersheim (1908-1977)

Herbert Albersheim was born on Monday 28 September 1908 in Billerbeck, Coesfeld, Duitsland, son of Joseph Albersheim and Selma Isaacson.
Herbert died on Tuesday 18 January 1977 in Baltimore, Maryland, Verenigde Staten., aged 68.
He was buried in Chevra Ahavas Chesed Cemetery, Randallstown, Baltimore.
Herbert was a buyer at the Hertz & Co. company in Germany.
Herbert married, at the age of 31, in April 1940 Edith Ester Schaumberg in Baltimore, Maryland, Verenigde Staten.
Edith was born on Sunday 4 October 1914 in Frankfurt am Main, Duitsland, daughter of Siegmund Schaumberg and Bertha Sommer.
Edith died on Saturday 23 October 1993 in Baltimore, Maryland, Verenigde Staten, aged 79.
Children of Herbert and Edith:
Michael Albersheim, born on Friday 13 August 1943 in Baltimore, Maryland, Verenigde Staten.
Steven Albersheim, born on Thursday 27 March 1947 in Baltimore, Maryland, Verenigde Staten.
Steven died on Thursday 8 June 2017 in Baltimore, Maryland, Verenigde Staten, aged 70.
He was buried in Chevra Ahavas Chesed Cemetery, Randallstown, Baltimore.Steven married Harriet N.N.
Herbert emigrated to Baltimore, Maryland, United States on Saturday, April 23, 1938.
His emigration application can be found in the Billerbecker archive in Germany.
Herbert departed from Rotterdam with the Steamer Veendam, arriving in New York was on Tuesday, May 3rd, 1938.
Herbert traveled Tourist Class, which was formerly known as "Steerage".
His first destination was in New York at a W.Albersheim, a cousin, who lived here at the time: 8 Roseth Pl, Great Neck, NY 11020, USA

Edith Esther Schaumberg (1914-1993) Emigration/Immigration

Edith Esther Schaumberg emigrated from Hamburg on Wednesday, October 20, 1937 with the S.S.Manhattan to the United States.
Arrival New York on Friday, October 29, 1937, Edith Esther traveled in the Tourist Class or what was previously called "Steerage".
Her destination was a cousin S.Neuberger in Baltimore, Maryland, United States.
The parents of Edith Esther Schaumberg regarding Emigration / Immigration.

Siegmund Schaumberg and his wife Bertha Schaumberg-Sommer emigrated from Belawan, Medan City, North Sumatra, (former) Dutch East Indies (after August 1945 Republic of Indonesia) in October 1940, the exact date is unknown, emigrated to America with the Motor Vessel Tanimbar* of the then Steam Boat Company the Netherlands (SMN) this ship became deployed on the Java-New York Line in 1940.
Arrival in New York was on Friday December 13, 1940, Siegmund and Bertha traveled First Class, their destination was 2306 Whittier av. Baltimore, Maryland
Their daughter lived at that address, married to Herbert Albersheim, who emigrated to America in 1938.
*On June 14, 1942 on the way from Glasgow to Malta, during operation Harpoon, it was torpedoed by Italian planes flying in the WS 19Z convoy between Spark and Bizerta and in 5 minutes the MS Tanimbar sank to the bottom, 23 people on board lost their lives.
Since May 1940, the ship has sailed 150,000 miles, of which 140,000 in the Pacific.

Walter Werner Albersheim (1912-1988)

Walter Werner Albersheim was born on Friday 16 February 1912 in Billerbeck, Coesfeld, Duitsland, son of Joseph Albersheim and Selma Isaacson.
Walter died on Monday 11 January 1988 in Montgomery, Maryland, Verenigde Staten, aged 75.
At the age of 25, Walter married Susanna Elisabeth Wagen aged 22, on Saturday 20 February 1937 in Zürich, Zwitserland.
Susanna was born on Thursday 18 June 1914 in Zürich, Zwitserland.
Susanna died around 1974, aged about 60.
Child of Walter and Susanna:
Edith Albersheim, born on Wednesday 26 May 1937 in Amsterdam (Nh).
Photographer and photo shop owner.
Walter Werner Albersheim had a photo shop on the corner of Kinkerstraat 58, Amsterdam, a night-time burglary had been reported, the author of the police report was Detective Bakker of police station no: 23. (below the original report of this offense committed on the night of 1 to 2 May 1941)
Reports that last night there was an unwanted visit in the photo shop of Walter Albersheim, born in Billerbeck on February 16, 1912, located in Kinkerstraat: 58 in Amsterdam.
Stolen where 7 photo devices (cameras) and eight roll films due to the breaking of the street door, with a combined value of approximately FL.125, - (Dutch Guilder) in then US Dollars was the price of the stolen goods $62.64, by the way the perpetrator was unknown.
According to a historiography from and about the Albersheim family, Walter Werner Albersheim emigrated to Barcelona, Spain in 1933 and later, after their marriage in Switzerland, Walter and Susan settled in Amsterdam around May 1937.
After arriving in Amsterdam the family went to live at the PC Hooftstraat number 142-1* (1st floor dated April 30, 1937) and then Rozenstraat 191-2 (2nd floor-dated May 21, 1938) and from September 17, 1945 until January 25, 1947 the Albersheim family lived in the 168 Lairessestraat.
Nowadays the * P.C.Hooftstraat a street with rather expensive shops, the Jet Set of Amsterdam and its surroundings often come shopping here.
Walter and his family lived on Rozenstraat 191-2nd floor (see link above) on the question why he was not deported as a Jew since he was married to a Swiss woman (a non-Jewish and also a mixed marriage) and Switzerland was neutral during the Second World War is the explanation that he was not deported, in short, he and his family have lived and worked in Amsterdam all the time.
Source: Housing cards for the Amsterdam municipal archive.


Walter Werner Albersheim emigrated from Gothenburg, Sweden with his wife Susanna Elisabeth Wagen and their daughter Edith on Friday, January 31, 1947 with the steamship Gripsholm.
Arriving in New York on Tuesday, February 11, 1947, the Albersheim family traveled First Class, their destination was 4005 Dorchester Road, Baltimore, Maryland, United States, Werner's brother, Herbert Albersheim, lived there at that address at the time.
Before their departure to Gothenburg, Sweden they have a day or two stayed with a cousin Walter Isaacson Ilse who lived in the Kerkstraat 29, Utrecht

Ruth Albersheim (1915-1943)

Ruth Albersheim was born on Wednesday 25 August 1915 in Billerbeck, Coesfeld, Duitsland, daughter of Joseph Albersheim and Selma Isaacson.
Ruth died on Friday 5 November 1943 in Auschwitz, Polen, aged 28.
At the age of 19, Ruth married Otto Eichenwald (image above), aged 28, on Sunday 6 January 1935 in Billerbeck, Coesfeld, Duitsland.
Otto was born on Saturday 20 January 1906 in Horstmar, Duitsland, son of Levi Eichenwald and Selma Cohn.
Otto died around January 1942 in Salaspils, Letland, aged about 36.
Children of Ruth and Otto: (see image children below)
Rolf-Dieter Eichenwald, born on Thursday 27 August 1936 in Billerbeck, Coesfeld, Duitsland.Rolf-Dieter died on Friday 5 November 1943 in Auschwitz, Polen, aged 7.
Eva Eichenwald, born on Wednesday 15 December 1937 in Billerbeck, Coesfeld, Duitsland.Eva died on Friday 5 November 1943 in Auschwitz, Polen, aged 5.
Billerbeck’s middle school is renamed the Geschwister-Eichenwald-Realschule in honor of Rolf-Dieter and Eva Eichenwald.

Ghetto of Riga, Latvia.

According to witness Margarete (Grete) Eichenwald-Seligman born on Thursday 27 November 1902 in Legden, Germany, (see here the English version: , Ruth Eichenwald-Albersheim together with her two children Rolf-Dieter and Eva and her mother Selma was transported on November 2, 1943 from Getto in Riga, Latvia, to Auschwitz, Poland, arrival was on November 5, 1943 and gassed there immediately after arrival.
So they were not murdered in the Ghetto in Riga, Latvia, as a German newspaper article would have us believe, they did not have to go through the "Rumbula massacre".
They were transported to Auschwitz, Poland with 2500 other Jewish people, few of whom have survived this camp.

Margarete (Grete) Eichenwald-Seligman emigrated to Pitrufquén, Chile in 1948.
After you have seen the family photo of the Albersheim family below that picture is short story about Margarete (Grete) Eichenwald-Seligman and her family.

You can find the full life story of the Albersheim family from Billerbeck here on the website of the American Holocaust memorial Museum

The English translation of the story about Rolf Dieter and Eva Eichenwald can also be found on this website,
The original testimony of the witness or, as desired, the story of the Eichenwald-Albersheim family in German language (PDF) can be found here: Rolf-Dieter und Eva Eichenwald - Wolfgang Suwelack-Stiftung
The fashion and clothing store founded by Heimann Albersheim in Billerbeck, Lange Strasse 13.
Shown are Son and business successor Josef Albersheim with his wife Selma Albersheim-Friedsam and children from left to right; Herbert, Ruth and Walter.

Short story by and about the family Karl Eichenwald and Grete Seligman

Margarete (Grete) Eichenwald-Seligmann was born on Thursday October the 2.nd 1902 in Legden, Duitsland, Grete died on Sunday May the 1986 in Pitrufquén, Chili.
Grete married Karl Eichenwald, Karl was born on Saturday September 2, 1893 in Horstmar, Germany, son of Samuel Eichenwald (1859-1939) and Johanna Weiss (1864-1930)

Grete and Karl, together with their two sons, Helmut and Erwin, were deported on Tuesday 27 January 1942 via Gelsenkirchen-Dortmund to the Ghetto in Riga, Latvia.

Karl Eichenwald was transported from the Ghetto Riga, Latvia to Stutthof concentration camp, date of transport is unknown, on Wednesday August 16, 1944 Karl was deported to Buchenwald concentration camp, he also died there, the date of death is unknown.

Erwin was deported to the concentration camp in Kowno (Kaunas in German), Lithuania, Erwin later appeared in camp Stutthof where he also met his mother Grete and his brother Helmut again, mother Grete and Helmut both arrived in Stutthof at the beginning of August 1944.

The reunification was only short-lived because after four weeks Helmut and Erwin were deported to Auschwitz, Poland, their arrival on Sunday 10 September 1944 in Auschwitz can also be counted as their day of death, most of the Jews who arrived in Auschwitz in the years 1943/44 went directly to the Gas Chambers.

Margarete (Grete) Eichenwald-Seligman has survived from the deportation in 1942 to the liberation of the camps to survive not only the Ghetto in Riga, Latvia with her two sons, but also the Stutthof concentration camp (about 21 miles from Danzig) she was the only survivor of the family.
Danzig became Polish territory after 1945 and the city has since been called Gdansk.
Margarete (Grete) Eichenwald-Seligmann is the only witness who has also known and experienced Ruth Eichenwald-Albersheim up close in the Riga Ghetto, certainly due to the fact that Ruth's son, Rolf Dieter, often played with Erwin the son of Grete.

Margarete (Grete) Eichenwald-Seligmann lost her entire family, her father, brother and sister were murdered in the Holocaust and as mentioned above also her husband Karl and her two sons Helmut and Erwin.
Grete emigrated to Chile in June 1948, where she was warmly welcomed by Mrs. Davids and her sons Rudolf and Georg after a long boat trip.
The Davids and Eichenwald families knew each other for many years, Rudolf Davids was born on Saturday 27 October 1900, Rudolf died on Thursday 15 November 1973 in Pitrufquén, Araucanía, Chile, Rudolf married Grete Seligman ±1949.

The complete story about the Eichenwald family and Grete Seligman in particular can be read here, the story is entirely in German: Family Johanna und Samuel Eichenwald

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