General practitioner Jansen in Uithoorn, Netherlands

All photos, except one, were colored by the webmaster/author
Marriage of Dr.Johan Marius Andreas Peter Joseph (Hans) Jansen & Maria Joanna Theresia (Mies) van den Bergh, on Thursday, October 15, 1942 in Haarlem.
The emergency hospital in the "law house" in Uithoorn, 1944
Uithoorn in 1925
Uithoorn ±1964, see HERE Uithoorn in 2019
Below is a short report from Francine van den Bergh, a niece of "Mies" Jansen-van den Bergh about
"The house of my uncle Hans and aunt Mies", a wonderful memory!
In that attic of Dr.'s house. Jansen you could get behind the (hollow?) walls on different floors unseen!
Many people in hiding went into hiding here during the Second World War, almost no one knew that!
Jewish people as well as Canadian/English pilots and air crews were given shelter in this house. It only became more and more known at the end of the war, but during the occupation years no one knew anything except a few insiders.
A Canadian pilot who landed with his parachute in the Zijdelmeer under the floor via our house and via the house of Dr. Janssen returned safely to Canada, that "return" took a few months via Belgium, France and Spain and/or Gibraltar.
And then the youth parties above Aunt Mies' pharmacy!
The building dates from the year 1763 and was therefore already 223 years old!! As an author, I don't know anything about whether it was ever on the monument list, but according to many it is.
The webmaster/author does not take any responsibility for the statements stated above, this comes from various Facebook pages about Dr. Jansen and some other facts that happened in Uithoorn.

Various photos of Uithoorn with the house and practice of Dr.Jansen

Grocer Jan van 't Kruis ±1930 at Dorpsstraat 30. Next to the right is a part of the later home and practice of GP Jansen.
This building was demolished around 1968/69.
Jansen family are ready to go on holiday, the car was a Ford Customline 272, V8 engine from 1956, the consumption was ± 1 in 6? (thanks to JP van Dam)
Photo dates from 1959
1956 Ford Customline Specs
The standard engine for the 1956 Customline was a 3.6 liter six-cylinder that delivered 137 hp.
There was also a Ford Y-Block 4.5 liter V-8 available with 176 hp.
The Y-Block Ford V-8 replaced the flathead and was Ford's first OHV V-8 engine.
The Y-blocks were built from 1954-'64 and were used in Fords, Mercurys, Edsels and Ford trucks.
The engine has a deep plinth and makes the block resemble the letter Y.
Standard gearbox was a three-speed manual, a three-speed automatic was optional.
Brakes were four-wheel hydraulic drums. Power steering was offered as an option.
Car dimensions
Wheelbase: 293.37 cm. Total length: 504.19 cm . Width: 192.79 cm. Height:157.73 cm. Empty weight: was approximately 1,622 kilos.
The original base price was at the time approximately 3679 guilders (±$1800(€1669) in America, the car here must have cost considerably more at the local Ford dealer.
October 9, 1961 Dorpsstraat with the house and practice/pharmacy of GP Jansen on the left
±1962 Dorpsstraat Uithoorn, where the children walk is the Prinses Irenelaan, on the left a small piece of the facade of number 28, the house and practice of GP Jansen, the house and practice was directly opposite the Prinses Irenelaan.
±1963 - Dorpsstraat 28, home and practice/pharmacy of GP Jansen.
Dorpsstraat 28 Uithoorn, home and practice/pharmacy of GP Jansen 1965 (left)
Dorpsstraat 28, Uithoorn photo was taken on Tuesday, October 1, 1968
Dorpsstraat 28, Uithoorn photo was probably taken ± 1971
GP Jansen always made his visits (patient visits) with this Vespa scooter
Photo probably dates from 1972
Year and maker unknown ± 1975s
Here is a truck from the Dutch Road Tanker Company located in Uithoorn, in honor of the 100th truck ± 1976, all colored by webmaster/author
Director (1975-1988) Helena Hendrika Maria (Lenie) de Beus (1923-2009) of the Dutch Road Tanker Company, colored by webmaster/author
Director Helena Hendrika Maria (Lenie) de Beus (1923-2009) of the Dutch Road Tanker Company, colored by the webmaster/author
see also the website about this striking lady de Beus
On the right with flagpole the house and practice of GP Jansen ± 1975, probably Queen's Day on April 30 (Queen Juliana)
Market day in Uithoorn ±1986, the Mercedes-Benz car dates from May 1985, at least as far as the license plate is concerned.
Photo probably dates from 1986, GP Jansen retired around 1979.
The girl with a bicycle will probably not see much!
Rear of buildings 26 and 28 Dorpsstraat in Uithoorn, this was the former home and practice of GP Jansen, the dilapidated building next to it was once the pharmacy.
Dorpsstraat Uithoorn 1982
Image from Google Maps The buildings of GP Jansen and the grocery and several other buildings were demolished around 1986
J.M.A.P.J. Jansen died on Monday September 10, 1984 in Santa Úrsula, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain, retired general practitioner in Uithoorn, Netherlands.
He lived to be 69 years, 9 months and 29 days
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