Jonas Heumann (1872-1923) & Selma Friedsam (1874-1941)

life story about the three daughters Heumann and their spouses and children
Therese (Thea) Heumann (1900-1994) Martha (Maddi) Heumann (1902-1993) Helene (Lene) Heumann (1904-1944)
starting with the father of Selma Friedsam, the mother of these three daughters.
Simon Friedsam was born on Tuesday November 14, 1837.
Simon died on Monday August the 1930 on Sülz, Cologne, Germany, at the age of 92.
At the age of 34, Simon married Therese Günther, aged 27, on Tuesday 3 September 1872 in Bodendorf, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany.
Therese was born on Wednesday January the 1845 in Rhens, Germany.
Therese died on Saturday December the 1897 on Bodendorf, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany, at the age of 52 years.
Simon married, around the age of 65, around 1902 to Julie Hartmann.
Child of Simon and Therese Günther
Selma Friedsam was born on Sunday December the 1874 in Bodendorf, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany, daughter of Simon Friedsam and Therese Günther.
Selma died on Saturday January 27, 1940 in Cologne, Germany, aged 65.
Selma married, at the age of 24 years, on Wednesday May the 1899 in Cologne, Germany Jonas (Julius) Heumann, aged 27 years.
Julius was born on Tuesday March the 1872 in Friesheim, Erftstadt, Germany, son of Samuel Heumann and Jeanetta Meyer.
Julius died on Sunday February the 1923 on Benrath, Düsseldorf, Germany, at the age of 50 years.
Selma en Simon Friedsam vader-dochter  
Jonas Heumann's former shop was located at the Harry Piel Platz in Benrath, Germany

Wolfgang Bathe will close his photo studio in 2019.         
       With this, an institution disappeared that was founded by the light artist Heinrich Kleu in 1903.

With the photo studio Wolfgang Bathe closes an institution whose beginnings date back to 1903.
At that time the photographer Heinrich Kleu, a newcomer from Roermond the Netherlands, opened his "visual art of modern photography" on the Krefelder Strasse in Neuss.
Johann Heinrich Kleu was born on October 13, 1879 in Roermond, the Netherlands, his parents were originally from Germany, his father was born in Cologne and his mother was from Gelsenkirchen, father Heinrich Kleu and his wife Amalia Elisabeth Steinbusch had 8 children in total.
For Heinrich Kleu, photography was Art and not a Craft.
And so it was when Wolfgang Bathe took over the company in 1973.
He is and was the third owner of the studio in his 115-year history.
Because Heinrich Kleu, who died in 1948, had only one successor and that was his daughter Marlies.
Wolfgang Bathe took over the business from the daughter Marlies who gave up because of her age.
Wolfgang Bathe did not know much about the Rhineland when he also took over the wooden portrait camera and the tripod, with which Neusser citizens were immortalized for years in the studio on the sensitive plate.
The end of the store and studio is certain, as far as photos are concerned, Wolfgang Bathe has already handed over the Kleu archive to the city archive in 2005.
He still has to think about his own photo archive and certainly with regard to the privacy data of the material
Note: there are various stories about this photo shop and the owner on the internet , also the municipal archive of Neuss owns the entire collection of Heinrich Kleu.

Note: imposed by the Nazis to use "Israel" and "Sara" as the middle name for all German Jews.

Children of Selma and Julius:

Therese (Thea) Heumann (1900-1994)

Therese (Thea) Heumann was born on Monday July 30, 1900 in Düsseldorf, Germany, daughter of Jonas (Julius) Heumann and Selma Friedsam.
Thea died on Wednesday September the 1994 in United States, at the age of 94 years.
Thea married, at the age of 27, in March 1928 in Düsseldorf, Germany, Walter Eichenwald , aged 27.
Walter was born on Sunday December the 1900 in Horstmar, Germany, son of Levi Eichenwald and Selma Cohn.
Walter died on Friday July the 2.nd 1943 on Sobibór, Polen, aged 42.
Home address: Hauptstraße 46, Benrath , Düsseldorf, Germany
see below how Walter and Thea have fared during their stay here in the Netherlands.
Walter went into hiding with his family in the Netherlands, the family hid themselves at different addresses.
Walter went into hiding with a farmer who was married to a German woman and his wife Thea and son Gert / Gerd (Gary) * at another farmer in a forest hut, that was with the Bloem family or Hendrik Willem Bloem and his wife Lucia Bloem van de Koolwijk
Walter visited them there again, later during a raid, Walter and his brother-in-law Paul Blumenfeld were discovered in a flower field where they had hidden themselves.
His wife Thea and son Gert survived the hiding period and emigrated to the United States in 1947.
The story about the hiding period of Gert Eichenwald and his mother Thea Eichenwald-Heumann can be read here.
(the name Gert / Gerd (Gary) * is further referred to as Gert )
The Chief of Police of Eindhoven, Eindhoven, requested that Walter Eichenwald, who was living in the Alb,van Nassaulaan 18 in Eindhoven (now Nassaustraat 18, Eindhoven , Corner house.) be found, arrested and brought to trial.
He was suspected of having changed his place of residence without the required authorization.
Jews who went into hiding were indicated by this description.
Source: General Police Sheet, nr 36, 10 September 1942, 1028, message 1904.
On through transport from Eindhoven to Westerbork become Walter Eichenwald and his brother-in-law Paul Blumenfeld locked in the police station in Zwolle at 11.50 am on 25-6-1943.
They are both transported on the following day at 9 am.
Three days later, on 29 June 1943, they are transported to Sobibor where they are gassed together immediately with many others after arrival on 2 July 1943.
Source: Historical Center Overijssel, Police archive Zwolle, 57, no. 1088.
Thea Eichenwald-Heumann left with her son Gert Eichenwald and sister Martha Bernstein-Heumann and their niece Gabrielle (Gaby) Blumenfeld (daughter of Paul Blumenfeld and Helene Blumenfeld-Heumann , both deceased during the war years '40 -'45 ) from Rotterdam on Friday May 2, 1947 with the Steamship Veendam to New York, arrival in New York on Tuesday May 13, 1947, they traveled Tourist class (formerly Third class or Steerage as it called).
It is suspected that they have all traveled through Ellis Island to be admitted to the United States and then traveled on to their final destination, approximately here 150 Livingstone Ave.Yonkers.New York.
Child of Thea and Walter:
Gert (Gary) Eichenwald , born on Monday June the 2.nd 1930 in Benrath, Düsseldorf, Germany.
Gary married, at the age of 25, on Saturday August 6, 1955 in New York City, United States, Marcia Leah Drazner , 21 years old.
Marcia was born on Saturday February 3, 1934 in Bronx, New York, United States, daughter of Charles Drazner and Jeanette Glazeroff.
Marcia died on Sunday May 27, 1990 on Santa Monica, California, United States, at the age of 56 years.
Gary and Marcia had two children: Fern Eichenwald and Wesley (Wes) Eichenwald .
At about the age of 61, Gary married Harriet about 1991.

Parents of Marcia:

continuation Children of Selma and Julius:

Martha (Maddi) Heumann (1902-1993)

Martha (Maddi) Heumann was born on Saturday December 20, 1902 in Düsseldorf, Germany, daughter of Jonas (Julius) Heumann and Selma Friedsam.
Maddi died on Monday February 22, 1993 in New York City, United States, aged 90.
At the age of 24, Maddi married Henry Bernstein, aged 31, on Tuesday May 3, 1927 in Cologne, Germany.
Henry was born on Tuesday January 21, 1896 in Winsen, Germany. Henry died on Monday October 23, 1944 in Auschwitz, Poland, at the age of 48 years.
Child of Maddi and Henry: Rolf Bernstein, born on Saturday, March 16, 1929 in Düsseldorf, Germany.
Rolf died on Wednesday February the 1945 on Auschwitz, Polen, at the age of 15 years.
Martha Bernstein-Heumann has the concentration and transit camp Theresienstadt, Czech Republic (Terezín in Czech) survived and returned to the Netherlands after the war, Maddi had no longer any relatives in Germany and since she was originally a German citizen, she had to return to Germany if she had no address or demonstrable relatives in the Netherlands, afterwards that all went well.
She was arrested on June 5, 1944 at her hiding place in Soest, province of Utrecht, the Netherlands
Together with her husband Henry, their son Rolf and the teacher Benjamin Blankenstein ( see his story below ) who had hidden the Bernstein family in the attic of his home, they were taken to the concentration camp Auschwitz and Benjamin Blankenstein through a prison in Amsterdam, later in Vught and finally in Bergen-Belsen.
They were betrayed by a neighbor or an acquaintance of Benjamin, the stories vary quite a bit, in one story a neighbor is talked about and in another story about an acquaintance, but the truth must be in the middle, I suppose.
They all had been arrested by the SS, the abbreviation SS stands for in German language Schutzstaffel (SS) in English it means protection department.
Henry and Rolf died in Auschwitz and their helper, Benjamin Blankenstein, died on February 24, 1945 in Bergen-Belsen from exhaustion and dysentery.
Martha Bernstein-Heumann and her sister Therese (Thea) and her son Gert Eichenwald and niece Gabrielle (Gaby) Blumenfeld and a good friend of the ladies Heumann, Rie de Hartog (maiden name was Johanna Maria van Leeuwen) emigrated on May 13, 1947 with the SS Veendam to the United States.
* Gaby's parents, Paul Blumenfeld and Helene Heumann, did not survive the war, Paul died in Auschwitz, Helene died of a lack of insulin in 1944 in a hospital in Amersfoort, the Netherlands.
Registration Theresienstadt Ghetto Martha Bernstein-Heumann
Red Cross card repatriation, October 1945

Benjamin Blankenstein - teacher by profession *

Benjamin Blankenstein was born on Friday February the 1914 in Hilversum (Nh), son of Johannes Blankenstein and Sophia Elisabeth Vietor.
Benjamin died on Saturday February the 1945 on Bergen Belsen, Germany, at the age of 31 years.
At the age of 25, Benjamin married Maria Suzanna van Klingeren , aged 29, on Wednesday 24 May 1939 in Baarn (Ut).
Maria was born on Monday July the 1909 in Baarn (Ut), daughter of Dirk van Klingeren and Gijsbertha Hendrika Schaap.
Maria died on Monday September the 1989 in Soest (Ut), aged 80.
She was buried on Friday September the 1989 in Lage Vuursche (Ut) Cemetery Hoge Vuurscheweg.

Former resident from Soest honored with a 'Stolperstein' on the Van Straelenlaan on Friday, August 6, 2010

During the Second World War Benjamin Blankenstein worked as a teacher at "the School with the Bible" in Soestdijk (later this school was renamed into "Da Costaschool").
In 1942 he decided to hide student Rolf Bernstein and his parents in the attic of his house at Van Straelenlaan 31.
For more than two years he knows how to hide his people in hiding, when Blankenstein and his people in hiding are betrayed by a female acquaintance ( other sources speak of a neighbor ) also from Soest, here on 5 June 1944 an abrupt end to.
The Soester lady who had betrayed him was caught with Jewish people in hiding in her house and tried to get a sentence reduction in this way.
Both the Soester teacher Benjamin Blankenstein , as well as father Henry and son Rolf Bernstein did not survive the German concentration camps.
The initiative for laying the stumbling block ( see image below ) came from the ' Arbeitskreiss Stolpersteine ​​in Hilden '.
This organization previously laid two stumbling blocks for the perished family Bernstein and wanted to do the same in memory of the Soester teacher Benjamin Blankenstein.
Read here the whole story about the placement of the "Stolpersteine".
A tangible memorial has now been placed in front of the house, "tells the German Anne Kathrin Latt in perfect Dutch.
De Gooi and Eemlander.

continued Children of Selma and Julius:

Helene (Lene) Heumann (1904-1944)

Helene (Lene) Heumann was born on Tuesday December 20, 1904 in Düsseldorf, Germany, daughter of Jonas (Julius) Heumann and Selma Friedsam.
Lene died on Sunday October 8, 1944 in Amersfoort (Ut), aged 39 (cause: insulin deficiency).
Lene married, at the age of 28, on Sunday February 12, 1933 in Düsseldorf, Germany, Paul Blumenfeld , 30 years old.
Paul was born on Tuesday November 11, 1902 in Wanne-Eickel, Herne, Arnsberg, Germany , son of Otto Blumenfeld and Rosa Cahn.
Paul died on Friday July 2, 1943 in Sobibór, Poland, 40 years old.
Address: from 1941 till June 25, 1943 Burgemeester Grothestraat 55, Soest (Ut)
Child of Lene and Paul: Gabriele (Gaby) Blumenfeld , born around 1934 in Düsseldorf, Germany.
3 brothers-in-law-Henry Bernstein, Paul Blumenfeld and Walter Eichenwald- ± 1928
Neither the date nor the three ladies present in the photo above are known.
Through the website " " I was able to find out exactly where this photo was taken in April 1947, see Google streetview image ,
with thanks to Wim de Koning Gans.
Maddi (L) with her sister Thea in Wisconsin, August 1963
Read a story about "Maddi Bernstein-Heumann" written by Wesley Eichenwald "Maddi's Trunk: A family memoir"
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The home of the Blankenstein family in Soest