The story about Johanna Madeleine de Malapert Johan Krüger

At the age of 21, she lost her heart to Johan Krüger, coachman at the Count of Rechteren.
This intended union was very much against her father's will, as being "below the Decency of his Family," but his objections were to no avail.
Johan Krüger, faithful to his profession, abducted his bride by sheikhs and went with her to Rheinberg in Germany, where they also married.
Her father was still trying to find his daughter to lock her up in a house of improvement, as the old records show, but without result, her father therefore made a resolute decision and disinherited her immediately.
If we now see that only his movable property was valued at almost a Hundred Thousand Guilders or whatever currency was used because there were quite a few different currencies in circulation at the time, so we keep it on the old trusted "Guilder", to calculate what Johanna Magdalena risked by following the inspiration of her heart.
As far as money is concerned, she was also somewhat compensated by the maternal inheritance..
She may, for the sake of her love, have become relatively poor in material goods, on the other hand she was rich in offspring. Their marriage was later confirmed on 25 May 1783 in the Domkerk in Utrecht by representation.
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