Nanne Reinders Kuperus, director Steam Dairy in Harich, Frieslandd

Nanne Kuperus, born on September 19, 1867 in Roordahuizum, the son of Reinder Nannes Kuperus and Hieke Tjisses Koldijk. Died on June 23, 1934 in Utrecht, 66 years old.
Married on 10 August 1893 in the municipality of Idaarderadeel to:
Trijntje Kooistra, born on 27 July 1868 in Grouw, as the daughter of Franke Johannes Kooistra and Korneliske Eesges Terpstra. Died on April 21, 1965 in Utrecht, aged 96 years.
From this marriage:
1. Reinder, born on 28 May 1894 in Wommels. Koopman (1922). Died on September 3, 1977 in Heerenveen, at the age of 83 years. 1. ) On May 3, 1922 married in the municipality of Leeuwarden to Rixtje Vuist, 22 years old, born in Leeuwarden as daughter of Dirk Vuist and Stientje Dikkescheij. 2. ) On 27 May 1974 in Heerenveen with Gerardina Mohrman
2. Corneliske, born on 9 August 1896 in Wommels. Died on December 11, 1931 in Leeuwarden, residing in Hallum, 35 years old. Married 1 June 1922 to Jan Dijkstra.
3. Franke Johannes, born on 8 February 1899 in Harich. Died on November 10, 1901 in Harich, 2 years old.
4. Cornelis, born on 26 June 1901 in Harich. Died on December 18, 1981 in Utrecht, 80 years old.
5. Jan, born on May 16, 1904 in Harich. Died on July 23, 1976 in Nijmegen, 72 years old. On April 5, 1928 in the municipality of Utrecht with Henrica Adolphina Agneta Both.
6. Franke Johannes, born on February 20, 1908 in Harich. Died on April 19, 1994 in Rotterdam, 86 years old.
Nanne Kuperus en Trijntje Kooistra
photo 313-001 made available by Jan Kuperus
Trijntje Kooistra & Nanne Kuperus
gezin Kuperus
foto 313-002 made available by Jan Kuperus
The Kuperus family around 1915.
gezin Kuperus
photo 313-003 made available by Jan Kuperus
The Kuperus family around 1920.
More information about the Kuperus family can be found at
bron: Leeuwarder Courant van 23 september 1918
Nanne Kuperus Trijntje Kooistra
source: Leeuwarder Courant of 24 July 1934
Nanne Kuperus
source: Leeuwarder Courant of 24 July 1934 source: Leeuwarder Courant of 23 April 1965
Nanne Kuperus grew up as the third child from a family of six children on his parents' farm in Roordahuizum.
His father Reinder Nannes (1840-1927) did a lot to improve cattle and won many medals with his studbook cattle.
He was very progressive in nature, but not really business-like.
This was taken care of by his brother Kornelis Nannes (1844-1917) from Marsum, creating a close business bond between the two.
Together with his brother and the Schaap family, they were the first to export pedigree cattle abroad (Poland and Russia).
Kornelis Nannes Kupurus & Zn.
KN Kuperus en Zonen KN Kuperus en Zonen
source: Leeuwarder Courant of 13 June 1912
KN Kuperus en Zonen
source: Nieuwsblad van Friesland of November 6, 1912 source: Leeuwarder Courant from 15 September 1914
KN Kuperus en Zonen
source: Algemeen Handelsblad of 30 October 1931
Livestock by sea.
A collection of Frisian pedigree cattle, three bulls and twenty cows from the cattle breeding company K.N. Kuperus & Zonen in Leeuwarden aboard the "Preussen" in Rotterdam.
This Friesian cattle is destined for a Chinese company in Hong Kong.
Nanne was very interested in Friesland's development in the field of livestock farming and dairy.
He was also a member of the Committee for Agricultural Cooperative and the Association for Cooperative Dairies.
He was very social and therefore a good friend of Pieter Jelles Troelstra.
Due to illness, he had to give up work as a director in Balk.
A successor came and Nanne was offered a representation of the Frico (wholesaler of cheese and milk) in Utrecht.
The family moved with him, where he became a member of the Baptist church council.
In 1929 he withdrew from the wholesale trade, which was continued by his son Cornelis.
Nanne died in 1934 as a result of a heart attack.
Nanne Kuperus
source: Nieuwsblad van het Noorden of May 19, 1893
Nanne Kuperus
source: Leeuwarder Courant of 9 April 1897
photo 204-001 made available by Ann Kuperus
The man on the right in the smart suit is director Nanne Kuperus.
In the background the dairy factory in Harich near Balk.
The photo was taken in the period 1897-1919 when Nanne Kuperus was the director here.
Butter forgery
submitted piece by Jan Truyen of the Zuid Nederlandse Zuivelbond in the Venloosch Weekblad, only in Dutch. answer from Nanne Kuperus director of the dairy factory "Harich"
source: Leeuwarder Courant van 23 augustus 1898 source: Leeuwarder Courant van 26 augustus 1898
Bond of the Frisian Dairy factories in Leeuwarden
source: Leeuwarder Courant van 22 december 1900
Eigen Haard
gevelsteen Eigen haard
Establishment of Bureau for Agricultural Cooperation
source: Leeuwarder Courant van 21 oktober 1901
residential addresses of the Kuperus family
period adres source
18?? - 1893 Tolbert  
1893 - 1897 Wommels  
1897 - 1900 Gaaikemastraat 48 bevolkingsregister 1890 - 1900 blad 129; huisnummer Harich 108a
1900 - 1910 Gaaikemastraat 48 bevolkingsregister 1900 - 1910 blad 128; huisnummer Harich 108a / 147
1910 - 191? Gaaikemastraat 48 huisnummerregister 1911 - 1920 huisnummer Harich 147
191? - 1920 Gaaikemastraat 48 huisnummerregister 1911 - 1920 blad 13; huisnummer Balk 180
1920 - 1965 Utrecht
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