Utrecht Catharijnebridge 1900 t/m 2010

Utrecht, Catharijnebridge ±1913
According to tradition, Jan Bos (1872-1928) was supposed to have been a Bridge Keeper here, see the colored picture below.
Jan Bos (1872-1928)
Utrecht, Catharijnebidge ±1925
Utrecht, Catharijnebridge year unknown
Utrecht Catharijnebridge, 1972
Utrecht, Catharijnesingel ±1972
This work to remove the Oude Singel (water out!) and turn it into a "sunken" four-lane motorway is now a thing of the past in 2019, where in the photo above the cars are still driving, has actually become again a Singel with water, in short it has cost hundreds of millions, but see here how it has turned out now, via Google Maps.
The way it should look in the end anno 2020 - The Singel is round again
Catharijnesingel Utrecht 12-09-2020
In September 2020, Utrecht refilled symbolic the last stretch of the Catharijnesingel with a huge bucket of water.
If the Bridge Keeper from then, Jan Bos had known all this, the man would have turned around in his grave!
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