Fake person card-C.M.de Smalen & Dirk vd Veen

If one goes to look for these persons for genealogical research, then one finds that the mentioned marriage date is not correct, but the date of birth is correct from both Catharina Maria de Smalen and Dirk van de Veen, except then that both already died before the mentioned wedding date on the card
Dirk van de Veen was born on Wednesday October 10, 1888 in Stoutenburg, province of Utrecht,, Dirk died on Wednesday October 28, 1908 in Stoutenburg, noteworthy is that Dirk was born on a Wednesday and also died on a Wednesday.
Catharina Maria de Smalen was born on Thursday, September 21, 1899 in Baarn and died on Thursday, October 3, 1935 in Leusden, again notable here that Catharina was born on a Thursday but also died on a Thursday.

Incidentally perfectly put together by the then civil servants of the Civil Registry in Leusden, one of them was Karel Brouwer.
Dirk van de Veen his details are correct and are also traceable through the official death certificates, which also applies to Catharina Maria de Smalen .

But according to the (false) identity card, they were both married on Tuesday 24 May 1938 in Hoogland, in short, a masterful move by the officials in order to fool the German occupier and thereby provide the many people in hiding with ration cards.

See below the two personal cards of Catharina Maria de Smalen and Dirk van de Veen, the strange thing is that the person who had this card and/or identity card in his possession that we do not know the real name of this person, I therefore wonder who this person might have been.
Thanks to Mrs.K.Regtien public archivist at the Eemland archive.
Above the original death certificate of Catharina Maria de Smalen, indicated on October 5, 1935
Above the original death certificate of Dirk van de Veen, indicated on October 28, 1908
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