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In the eighties I came through my Father, Gerrit Bos Sr. (1921-2004),
in the possession of a typed copy of the Family Tree Bos(ch), it took more
than 10 years before I actually went along with it, such as visiting the
archive etc.
After the death of my father in 2004, the contact between Canada and the
Netherlands dropped to zero, pity? I personally do not feel that way.
In the year 2000 I went further with searching for ancestors and related family members etc. and they are accessible from the Family Menu.

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Kasteel Amerongen
Kasteel Amerongen
Kasteel Amerongen
Map Amerongen

Contains 41 visible families, some are hidden and only become visible when clicks on a person/family in a family tree.

Various stories and events emerged from pedigree research

All surnames from my genealogical file are listed here.
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