About me...

It was, of course, a lot of work, but a while ago I decided to quit with genealogy research, I have sorted out everything with regard to my
family and related matters.,  so after doing this for over 20 years it is
now time for something else.
I also have other hobbies for which I have not had time in recent years,
in short I will now focus on that, the Genealogy era is over!
There will be a last update of all pedigrees in December 2019 and after
that I will quit.
The website of course remain online, because there is more to it than genealogy alone, such as videos, photo shows, etc. etc., click on "photo / Video", most videos etc. are on my Youtube channel, this to make room
on the server.  Take Care!!
With kind regards, H.Bos the Netherlands.

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