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Following a 1977 visit from Canada to the Netherlands, her birthplace, my cousin, Anne Fay-Bos, began gathering and recording genealogical data on the Bos(ch) Family. (Originating probable surroundings Amerongen/Doorn) Utrecht Hill side.
Relatives were consulted for current information and archivists in the Netherlands were contacted for further assistance.
Anne shared her assembled family charts with my father, Gerrit Bos Sr.(1921-2004), who had also been instrumental in supplying missing details.
After the death of my father in 2004, the contact between Canada and the Netherlands dropped to zero, pity? I personally do not feel that way.
In the year 2000 I went further with searching for ancestors and related family members etc. and they are accessible from the Family Menu.
It was, of course, a lot of work but still working on the ancestors trees and renewing all of the pagesis quite a lengthy process
The latest Family update of all families took place in December 2013.
The next update is very uncertain. I hope somewhere in 2019
Thank you for your interest, if you have any questions about this webpage or or other things such as photos or videos, etc. you may contact me via the email form at this page.
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With kind regards, H.Bos the Netherlands.

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